Centmin Mod Test Blog

Welcome to Centmin Mod Test Blog. The purpose of this blog is for testing Centmin Mod menu based Nginx auto installer on a CentOS 6.4 based RamNode SSD Cached LEB VPS server (low end box) with only 128MB of memory installed.

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Centmin Mod YouTube Channel Videos

Centmin Mod .08 beta release testing is coming along nicely so started uploading some new how to videos to the Centmin Mod YouTube Channel. Also added a Centmin Mod + Youtube category to forum’s resource section. The videos showcase the new SSH one liner install method for Centmin Mod .08 beta and higher releases.

Don’t forget to check out the official Centmin Mod Community forums as well.

Some new videos include

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Centmin Mod 3 years old, CentOS 7.0 & 1.2.3-eva2000.07 stable release

Time sure does fly as Centmin Mod turns 3 years old this year! Centmin Mod has evolved so much in that time and with Centmin Mod 1.2.3-eva2000.07 stable build release 4 weeks ago, it marks it as best version to date – with up to 60% faster initial installation speed and much more. Read more ›

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Centmin Mod 1.2.3-eva2000.07 preview highlights

It has been over 4 months since the last Centmin Mod 1.2.3-eva2000.06 release. The next release will be Centmin Mod 1.2.3-eva2000.07 which will have the most extensive changes and improvements since 1.2.3-eva2000.01. I’ve also put the Centmin Mod code and various beta branches on Github as well at https://github.com/centminmod/centminmod. Unfortunately, the previewed Nginx jailed chrooted vhost, domain and SFTP or SFTP+SSH code will not be making it into .07 release until more testing can be done.

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Centmin Mod code on Github.com

Centmin Mod code now has a test repository on Github.com at https://github.com/centminmod/centminmod with a separate branch for upcoming .07 betas. It’s a test repository until I find my feet on Github. So the main download location is still at http://centminmod.com/download.html. It’s been a common request by Centmin Mod G+ Community members to have a Github repository so folks can follow and contribute. Read more ›

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Linode 2GB VPS versus DigitalOcean 2GB VPS – Centmin Mod Nginx CLI install benchmarks

Linode has announced all new pure SSD VPS hosting plans which have comparable pricing on some plans to DigitalOcean SSD based VPS server plans. So decided to spin up their respective 2GB VPS plans which both come to $20/month and revisit Centmin Mod Nginx CLI install benchmarks with the 13th Centmin Mod .07 beta release. Read more ›

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Centmin Mod Nginx CLI Install Mode Benchmarks

Centmin Mod v1.2.3-eva2000.07 next release is coming soon. It’s currently being beta tested within the Centmin Mod Google+ Community. This .07 release will have the largest amount of improvements, additions and changes since v1.2.3-eva2000.01.

Centmin Mod .06 and below used a shell based menu to install Centmin Mod Nginx web stack. However, with .07 release there will be two additional methods of installation available. The .07 release will bring back two forms of CLI command line unattended installation to complement the normal shell based menu install method currently outlined here. Read more ›

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How to install Centmin Mod Video

Uploaded a how to install Centmin Mod video with preview release for next .07 version.

Best viewed in 1080 HD. Enjoy !

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Munin monitoring on Centmin Mod

Another preview teaser for future Centmin Mod releases. I’ve been playing with the idea of auto installing and setting up some form of server monitoring with Centmin Mod installations. Munin monitoring seemed to be the easiest to setup with some automation. Read more ›

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Nginx 1.5.10 Google SPDY/3.1 support

Nginx 1.5.10 was just released with Google SPDY/3.1 support. Centmin Mod based Nginx can easily be upgraded via shell based menu option #4 (illustrated on front page).

This blog has been updated to Nginx 1.5.10 with SPDY/3.1 + Google ngx_pagespeed enabled. You can read up on Centmin Mod’s Nginx + SPDY configuration here and test your own Nginx SPDY based SSL site using spdycheck.org online checking tool.

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WordPress Auto Installer & SSH, SFTP, SCP chrooted user accounts for Nginx vhost


Centmin Mod currently is at v1.2.3-eva2000.06 release but it still has one item missing that I always wanted to add and that is proper per Nginx domain vhost user accounts for chrooted SSH, SFTP and SCP access. To understand why this is the case, you have to understand a bit of the history of how Centmin Mod came into being as essentially the base structure for Nginx vhosts was derived from the original Centmin script. Read more ›

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