GTMetrix Switched To Google Lighthouse v6 For Page Speed Testing


The new version of GTMetrix page speed tool has now switched to using Google Lighthouse v6 engine which includes new Google Core Web Vital metrics for Largest Contentful Paint, Total Blocking Time, Cumulative Layout Shift as well as Time To First Byte and  Time to Interactive.  Check out their blog post explaining the changes at …

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Ran IPTables Flush? How To Regain SSH Access After Being Locked Out Of CSF Firewall Servers

Centmin Mod Tips

You’ve accidentally run the SSH command iptables -F and have locked yourself out of your server and can not SSH login again. So how do you regain SSH access? Centmin Mod LEMP stack uses CSF Firewall which is a wrapper interface to CentOS system’s underlying IPTables. If you run the SSH command, iptables -F you may end up locking yourself out of the server as this command flushes all the existing IPTable rules that are configured and setup by CSF Firewall at startup. This guide will outline ways you can possibly regain SSH access using example VPS providers – Upcloud, DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, Hetzner and Amazon AWS EC2 instance servers.

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Centmin Mod Nginx

New in development. Will be blogging about all Centmin Mod related news, product and feature developments right here.

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WordPress 7 Site Updates

This blog post was migrated from old site prior to it’s closure. This WordPress 7 site has switched to a new WordPress theme and look. The WordPress 7 site is for testing CentOS 7.2 with latest PHP 7 (currently using PHP 7.0.9) via Centmin Mod LEMP stack’s WordPress auto installer for Nginx. Re-ran my …

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PHP 7.0.1 + Redis Cache for WordPress

PHP 7.0.1 + Redis Cache for Wordpress

This blog post was migrated from old site prior to it’s closure. Today updated this blog’s Centmin Mod LEMP stack PHP-FPM to PHP 7.0.1 with added PHP Redis PHP Extension support and enabled Nginx level Redis caching + Redis Object Caching. The switch from WordPress Super Cache plugin to this WordPress Redis caching combination will result in much faster site for this 2GB DigitalOcean KVM VPS. Below are the results for & both with 10,000 user benchmark stress test for this blog.

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WordPress Super Cache Benchmark – Locust IO Load Testing

Wordpress Super Cache Benchmark - Locust IO Load Testing

This blog post was migrated from old site prior to it’s closure. WordPress Super Cache benchmark and load testing continues. I came across Locust load testing tool which is an open source Python based load testing tool which allows distributed master and slave load testing against a target web site (this blog). I setup a master & slave Locust load tester server cluster with 2 dedicated servers I have – Las Vegas, Nevada Intel Xeon E3-1240v3 32GB, 250GB SSD server as master Locust server and a Montreal, Canada Intel Xeon Xeon E3-1245v2 32GB, 3x120GB SSD server as slave.

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