How To Switch From Letsencrypt to ZeroSSL Free SSL Certificates On Centmin Mod


Centmin Mod uses Neil Pang’s client as the underlying tool to issue and obtain free Letsencrypt certificates for Nginx HTTPS auto created sites. The client has added support for other free ACME protocol compatible CA SSL providers like Buypass (BuyPass Go SSL) and ZeroSSL. This guide shows how you can switch over from Letsencrypt to using ZeroSSL SSL certificates which uses Sectigo (Comodo) certificates and supports free wildcard SSL certificates and doesn’t have any rate limiting for SSL certificate issuance.

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Centmin Mod Managing Letsencrypt DST Root CA X3 Certificate Expiration On CentOS 7

Letsencrypt SSL

On September 30, 2021, Letsencrypt’s DST Root CA X3 cross-sign (by IdentTrust) root certificate expired and was replaced with Letsencrypt’s own ISRG Root X1 CA root certificate. I’ll outline how Centmin Mod LEMP stack handled the Letsencrypt’s DST Root CA X3 certificate expiration for CentOS 7.x operating systems.

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How To Setup Cloudflare Argo Tunnel On CentOS 7

Cloudflare Argo Tunnel Setup

Cloudflare Argo Tunnel allows you to expose your web server to the internet without having to open routes in your firewall or setup dedicated routes. This guide will outline how you can setup Cloudflare Argo Tunnel for private encrypted HTTP/2 connection to your origin web server or web application on CentOS 7 for Centmin Mod LEMP stack users.

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Centmin Mod Nginx

New in development. Will be blogging about all Centmin Mod related news, product and feature developments right here.

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