Fast Tar And Rsync Transfer Speed For Linux Backups Using Zstd Compression

Centmin Mod Tips

Newer Tar 1.32+ and Rsync 3.2.3 versions have added Facebook’s zstd compression algorithm and Rsync has added lz4 and xxHash checksum algorithms which give Tar and Rsync a tremendous boost in transfer speed. I’ve switched most of my own personal backup scripts to using these newer Tar 1.32+ and Rsync 3.2.3 versions now.

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GTMetrix Switched To Google Lighthouse v6 For Page Speed Testing


The new version of GTMetrix page speed tool has now switched to using Google Lighthouse v6 engine which includes new Google Core Web Vital metrics for Largest Contentful Paint, Total Blocking Time, Cumulative Layout Shift as well as Time To First Byte and  Time to Interactive.  Check out their blog post explaining the changes at …

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