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How to install Centmin Mod Video

Uploaded a how to install Centmin Mod video with preview release for next .07 version. Best viewed in 1080 HD. Enjoy !

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Munin monitoring on Centmin Mod

Another preview teaser for future Centmin Mod releases. I’ve been playing with the idea of auto installing and setting up some form of server monitoring with Centmin Mod installations. Munin monitoring seemed to be the easiest to setup with some

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Nginx 1.5.10 Google SPDY/3.1 support

Nginx 1.5.10 was just released with Google SPDY/3.1 support. Centmin Mod based Nginx can easily be upgraded via shell based menu option #4 (illustrated on front page). This blog has been updated to Nginx 1.5.10 with SPDY/3.1 + Google ngx_pagespeed

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