Nginx WordPress + WP-FFPC Plugin Setup + ngx_pagespeed

The Centmin Mod outlined WordPress fastcgi caching guide might not be everyone’s cup of tea. So I’ll out line an alternative WordPress caching method via WordPress plugin called, WP-FFPC (Fast Full Page Cache) which utilises Memcached server (via PHP memcache or PHP memcached) or via APC Cache. All three caching methods are supported and installed by default on Centmin Mod v1.2.3 based servers (when default unattended method of install is used).

When WP-FFPC plugin and Nginx ngx_pagespeed module are paired together, they make a perfect couple with WP-FFPC taking care of caching and Nginx ngx_pagespeed taking care of optimising static css, js and image page elements replacing the more common but complicated W3 Total Cache plugin. WP-FFPC support forums are located here if you need help.

Full guide available here.

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