Centmin Mod 3 years old, CentOS 7.0 & 1.2.3-eva2000.07 stable release

Time sure does fly as Centmin Mod turns 3 years old this year! Centmin Mod has evolved so much in that time and with Centmin Mod 1.2.3-eva2000.07 stable build release 4 weeks ago, it marks it as best version to date – with up to 60% faster initial installation speed and much more.

It’s also been 3 weeks since CentOS 7.0 64bit GA release was announced. As such, I have been working on Centmin Mod next .08 beta release with CentOS 7.0 Linux support. I’ve done CentOS 7.0 Virtualbox test installs and CentOS 7.0 netinstall installation on RamNode KVM VPS server to start beta testing Centmin Mod .08 betas.

Centmin Mod .08 beta testing for CentOS 7.0 support

I’ve started a thread on the community forums for Centmin Mod .08 beta testing and CentOS 7.0 support with a dedicated Centmin Mod 123.08centos7beta01 branch. You’ll be able to follow the changes and/or test and provide feedback (very much appreciated ;)).

Centmin Mod .08 beta testing PHP 5.6 and PHP NG (PHP 5.7) support

Further beta testing is also being done for upcoming PHP 5.6 support for Centmin Mod PHP-FPM installs as well as laying the foundation for Centmin Mod PHP-FPM based PHP NG support.

MariaDB 10 support

There’s also beta testing for MariaDB 5.5 to MariaDB 10 submenu based upgrade support. The default installed version right now is still MariaDB 5.5 branch while check and watch the MariaDB Jiras for MariaDB 10.x branch to see when it would be a good time to set as default. My eye is on MariaDB 10.0.13+ and watching what bugs are reported in MariaDB 10.x Jira.

Official Centmin Mod Addons

Centmin Mod Addons are standalone scripts which extend Centmin Mod’s core feature set. There’s a forum dedicated to Addon discussions and beta testing. The latest Addon to be added in .08 betas is for Linux Malware Detect (maldet) + ClamAV Antivirus for Linux combo to scan, quarantine, and alert for Linux virus and malware that may make it’s way into your server via compromised web apps (php/mysql based etc).

Join the Centmin Mod Community forums for more updates, feedback and suggestions.

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