Nginx 1.5.10 Google SPDY/3.1 support

Nginx 1.5.10 was just released with Google SPDY/3.1 support. Centmin Mod based Nginx can easily be upgraded via shell based menu option #4 (illustrated on front page).

This blog has been updated to Nginx 1.5.10 with SPDY/3.1 + Google ngx_pagespeed enabled. You can read up on Centmin Mod’s Nginx + SPDY configuration here and test your own Nginx SPDY based SSL site using online checking tool.

To visually see the differences between Nginx SPDY SSL vs non-SPDY SSL, I recreated the Apache mod_spdy World flags demo using Centmin Mod Nginx setup the video is at and Nginx SPDY SSL World Flags demo is at (site has also been updated to SPDY/3.1).

Browser extension tools to help detect SPDY:

  • For Chrome browser, install SPDY Indicator extension.
  • For Opera browser, install SPDY indicator extension.
  • For Firefox browser, install SPDY indicator add-on.
  • For Internet Explorer version 10 and below, the browser doesn’t support SPDY connections and will fall back to non-SPDY connections. Internet Explorer 11+ will support SPDY.

Akamai Technologies Youtube video explaining Google SPDY.

Apparently, Google has plans to remove the older SPDY/2 protocol support from Chrome 33 onwards, so Nginx folks get updating 🙂

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